Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Three at The Sevens

I've just completed 3 years in a row at the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, but there are people here who have done it 33 years in a row, so I have a long way to go.

Do these people have a @#* #@) life ? How could they do it ? 33 years x 2.5 days, that's 82.5 days over 3 decades ! 82 beer-drenched, sun-soaked, bleary-eyed, hoarse-voiced days gorging on beef pies and fries, screaming sweet obscenities at the cross-dressers, ogling at gorgeous women, hooting at the sight of naked men streaking across the field, being dunked with plastic beer jugs, queuing up for four hours to enter the South Stands and then being turned away, dancing to ' heyy baby', swaying to ' Sweet Caroline', booing the Aussies and the French, roaring, yelling, jumping, stomping, mexican-waving and generally making an utter fool of themselves.

Oh and watching some rugby on the field too, when time permits.

Tough life, but I believe, they, like me, wouldn't miss it for anything. The Sevens is everything that is typically Hong Kong - loud, hi-energy, international and full of surprises. But it is also everything that Hong Kong is usually not - irreverent, politically incorrect, risque, and host of a coveted sports event that's the " jewel in the crown" in the international rugby sevens circuit. I guess it is this heady combination that brings them back again and again and again ( repeat again 33 times)


"3 Years at The Sevens" video. 2 clicks and 3 seconds to start playing
With one of the Sevens anthems in the background ...

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reema said...

colour colour everywhere
and lots of beer to drink

keep 'em rolling :P