Friday, August 22, 2008

Lost distilleries of Scotland

History, geography, economics, politics and romance are all distilled together in this fascinating story of the Lost Distilleries of Scotland.

These are a bunch of small, charming , much-loved, often remote distilleries in Scotland that once all produced their own distinctive brands of single malts , but were closed down in the 1980's due to a variety of geographical, economic and political reasons and were therefore 'lost' to posterity.

But all was not lost.

Some of the old stock of these now 'silent' distilleries have been carefully preserved , and are occasionally bottled and released, much to the delight of single malt afficionados. The remarkable quality of some of the vintages, the story behind them, the rarity of the bottlings and the dwindling supply, all add to their charm and their rising prices.

The whole fascinating story is beautifully detailed and turned into a profitable business by The Whisky Exchange

Based in London, The Whisky Exchange sources these lost vintages from manufacturers and bottlers and sells them online. The user-friendly design, easy payment process and the expert guidance notes makes ordering from the site a breeze and a pleasure. It takes 3-4 days for an order to be processed and delivered to Hong Kong. No doubt delivery times in the UK and Europe would be shorter.

In the last three months I have ordered four bottles from The Whisky Exchange, two for my friends and two for my own collection. I intend adding to the collection over a period of time.

Rosebank 1991 / 16 Year old / 53.9% / 70cl

Glenglassaugh 1973 / 34 Year old / Bourbon Cask / 52% / 70cl

Port Ellen 1982 / 25 Year old / 52% / 70cl

Brora 1982 / 23 Year old / Sherry Cask#2294 / 50% / 70cl

Needless to say, I will take great care of these bottles and hopefully watch their prices rising. But will I be able to overcome the temptation of drinking them ?

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