Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eating in New York City

Eight Days a Week in The Big Apple

CX 830. Smooth take-off from Hong Kong. Stewardess named Honey.
" Would you like the fish or the pork, sir" ? Lunch over Japan.
Dinner over the Great Pacific Northwest. Shut-eye over Chicago.
Touchdown at noon. Blast of cold air. "How ya doin?" New York City.

Then, a week at jet speed. Tapas Bars, Paella Bars, Wine Bars,
Beer Bars, even Rice Pudding Bars. Cuisine from all over: Italian,
Spanish, Mexican, American, New American, New Brooklyn,
Polish, African, Salvadoran. Giant portions and small plates,
glistening fat and micro-greens, the familiar and the strange and
even the outre. All in the electric cauldron of New York City.

Socarrat Paella Bar, Chelsea
A dancer from Barcelona and a heavenly Paella. But was the rice burnt ? ...

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