Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Sodi, West Vilage, New York City

But did the heart sing an Aria ?

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    I Sodi hits hits all the right notes

    Executive chucks up corporate career to start a restaurant. Check

  • Teams up with famous chef to craft a small, changing menu themed around her mother's Tuscan cooking, with authentic Italian emphasis on seasonality and simplicity. Check

  • Hires designer to create a sleek but cosy ambience, combining Tuscan trattoria feel with New York City sophistication. Check

  • Hip bar with Italian apertivos, cocktails, distinguished wine list, couple of craft beers and counter dining. Check

  • Professional service. Check.

  • Absolutely fabulous espresso, hand-pulled by an enthusiastic Barista who went into raptures over the Danessa beans he had used. Check and Double Check.

We had all the pastas on the menu
~Aglio Olio E Peperoncino Con Pecorino Romano
Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, red pepper and precorino

~Lasagne al Sugo di Carne
Housemade lasagne with meat sauce

~Spaghettini Freschi Al Prezzemolo E Pomodoro
Housemade spaghettini with parsley, tomato and parmigiano

~Risotto Verde
Risotto with spinanch and parmigiano

And we shared two secondi
~Galletto Schiacciaoto
Cornish Hen roasted under a brick
~Coniglio In Padella Con Olive
Pan-seared rabbit with olives

This is exactly the kind of Italian restaurant I always want to eat in.
Exactly the kind of gloriously simple menu I had encountered
in small trattorias and tavernas in Tuscany. The design and
ambience and attention to detail here made it all the more

Yet somehow the heart didn't sing as it did with my best meals in Italy.
Maybe it was me. Maybe in Italy I was always under a spell. Maybe
the magic of Italy can never be recreated outside. Or perhaps the dishes at
I Sodi, while excellent, didn't have that extra something to lift them into
the realms of the divine.

I Sodi
Chef Owner: Rita Sodi
Designer Owner: Jeff Dworkis
Executive Chef : Michael Genardini
105 Christopher St., New York, NY 10014
nr. Bleecker St.
Ph +1 212-414-5774

"Eating in New York City" series

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