Friday, May 1, 2009

Rice to Riches in Nolita , New York City

"Eating three sensible balanced meals a day will only spoil your appetite for rice pudding"

Stumbled upon this delightful, irreverent, unashamedly sweet-loving
and carb-inducing little joint on Spring Street, somewhere between
Nolita and Soho in New York City, called RICE TO RICHES, sort of
like a Gelateria selling rice puddings in different flavours and
with different toppings.

What a wonderful concept ! They have taken the dowdy, unsung
rice pudding dessert and given it a sensational makeover with
flavours like " Take me to Tiramisu" and " Man-made Mascarpone"
and toppings ranging from Nudge ( chilled espresso with cocoa) and
Mischief ( Buttery Graham Crackers) to Remedy ( caramel vanilla sauce)
and Heartthrob ( raspberry jelly).

And they have done it with such style. Funky decor in shades
of brown and orange, colourful flavours and toppings in inviting
" eat-me" displays, witticisms and tongue-in-cheek proclamations
( "eat all you want, you are already fat" ) draped all over the walls
and counter, futuristic furniture and storefront, attractive serving
bowls in sizes ranging from Diva ( 6z) to Sumo ( 40 oz), and a
lively , "Italian-gelateria-meets-trendy-Soho-bar" vibe.

Their website says "this is legally sin ... Our rice pudding
contains a secret ingredient ... the same one that gives
Viagra its magical power".
And you tend to believe them.

37 Spring St
New York, NY 10012
Ph: +1 212.274.0008

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