Sunday, January 10, 2010

Art Madrid: Reina Sofia

Big regret: I couldn't make it either to The Prado or to Thyssen-Bornamisza. Why ? Don't ask.
But I did go to Reina-Sofia

It was a cold, rainy, snowy day. I fortified myself with a Chorizo Bocadillo - God I can feel the taste of that spicy salty chorizo even now - and a Cerveza, at this tiny bar just outside the museum.

I peered out of the bar window, looked at the rain, pulled up my hood and went out in search of great art

Fellow art-lovers were queing up in the snow to get in

It had snowed for a few hours, and the museum garden itself was a piece of art

Francis Picabia





The food at the museum restaurant was no less artistic

Anchovies with Idiazabal Cheese Foam, served on Pan Con Tomate


Inspired by all this, I took what I think is a great shot of black steel pipes nestling in the snow.
I named this photo " Dali Pipes"

Then I went back to the bar for another Bocadillo


Sudden bursts of enchanting music in the subway

Chorizo and Dali, Anchovies and Picasso

Breakfast of Champions

Jamon Jamon everywhere

Constructivist Funk

Sun one Day, Snow the next

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