Sunday, January 17, 2010

Breakfast in Boqueria

Melt-in-the-mouth Baby Octopus, swirls of olive oil coloured with a pinch of saffron, and a dusting of pimenton. EXXXTACY

This with a glass of beer and a hunk of crusty bread, at 8 am. A breakfast to end all breakfasts. An almost pornographic start to the day.

At Bar Central, Boqueria, Barcelona

Top of my breakfast bar list, and, as I discovered, top of many other people's lists : Bar Pinotoxo, on the right as soon as you enter the market. You get there by 7.30 am, otherwise forget about finding a seat.

I start with a Pan Con Tomate, possibly, no definitely, the best bread in the world. Grilled bread rubbed - while still warm - with the cut end of a juicy tomato and a little bit of garlic. And Pincho Tortilla: a small wedge of fluffy potato omelette - the definitive fast food in Madrid and Barcelona.

A few tortillas and some chorizo and lentils later: a hearty

"rabbit's tummy" stew. Rich and warm. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Then I turn my attention to the fresh seafood that starts arriving from the market

And let the expert prepare it the way he likes it

And it goes on and on. Difficult to stop really. Almost impossible to tear yourself away from the stool on which you've been perched since early morning. But tear away you must. You do need to keep some space for lunch.

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