Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ciutat Comtal, Barcelona

My first meal in Barcelona
Landed at Barcelona Airport: 11:35 am
Arrived at Hotel Catalunya on La Ramblas: 1 pm
Took up prime position at the bar counter at Ciutat Comtal: 1:15 pm
Why waste time settling in when there's good Tapas waiting ?

Started with a trio of Pinchos: Piquilo Pepper stuffed with Tuna,
Jamon Iberico Croqueta,
Anchovies, Eggplant and Roast Pepper on Pan Con Tomate

Fried eggs with Artichokes: I watched the guy next to me take a piece of bread and use it to press the fried eggs and let the soft yolk ooze into the crispy artichokes. He made a bit of an artichoke-egg mush and mopped it all up with the bread. I did the same.

In Spanish Tapas bars, if you don't speak Spanish, have no fear. Point and Ye Shall Eat.

I pointed at the shrimps, and they arrived barbecued on a skewer with cherry tomatoes, served on a piece of Pan Con Tomate. Gambas on a stick.

I casually nodded at the squid, and they came tossed with garlic, served on a tiny portion of seafood paella.

A fiery Catalan beauty took up the bar stool next to mine. I pointed at her. The waiter gave me a tissue.

Ciutat Comtal ( Cuidad Contal) Rambla de Catalunya, 18, Barcelona, Spain Ph: 93.318.19.97

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