Saturday, January 30, 2010

La Bodegueta, Barcelona

Worth The Search , even on a Rainy Day

"Best hole-in-the-wall Tapas Bar in Barcelona": this is how experts I rely on had described this place, so of course it was on my must-try list. But I just couldn't find it. I missed it on Day 1, missed it again on Day 2. Finally on Day 3, after a determined trudge through heavy rain, lots of walking back and forth, unfurling of my tattered map and pointing and waving of my iPhone GPS to the utter bemusement of Barcelononians - I FOUND IT.

It was right on a main street corner by the way.

Taking off my drenched overcoat and cap, I waited, Vino in hand, and watched the crowds.

Small bar, though hardly a hole-in-the wall. Brickwork bar with wooden beams, sherry casks lining the walls, Estrella Damn on tap. Constant stream of customers and Catalan chatter.

Old people, young people, office-goers, students. Great atmosphere.
Got a table by the door after ten minutes.

Pimenton Padron: small green peppers, roasted with salt flakes and slivers of garlic. A glass of fresh Estrella. Cold and Rain outside, warm and cosy inside.

Followed by my best Patatas Bravas in Barcelona. Cubes of fried potato, crisp outside with golden brown edges, and soft and mushy inside, smothered in a piquant, sweet and spicy red chili mayo- sauce. I wanted to burst into song.

And some wonderful Tuna preserved in vinegar, with a glass of Vino Rossado. Made a mental note to take back lots of tinned seafood from Spain.

All in all a simple but excellent meal. Every dish a delight, made even tastier by the long frustrating search and the great atmosphere when I finally found it.

La Bodegueta, Rambla de Catalunya 100, Barcelona. Ph: 932 154 894

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