Sunday, January 31, 2010

Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona

Tapas Tapas Tapas

Some of these I researched - asking friends, scouring and countless other websites, and googling bloggers. Some I merely chanced upon, lead by my nose, with a long queue outside always being a positive sign. I didn't make it to all of them - hey I only had 4 days. Anyway here's my very personal and highly unscientific list of the best Tapas joints in Barcelona.

Tapas Tapas Tapas
Torres and Tapas, with Jiminez and Jerez
Point and Ye Shall Eat
I am searching, in the rain
Chocolate Balls with Olive Oil ?
Food Porn
Market of Sensory Overload
The Building is running away ! Call the Police
Catalan Christmas
Feliz Navidad
Fountain For Footballers
This is not Japan

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